Tips and Ideas

Be sure to market your virtual golf tournament in advance on your website and through any other communications to your network and/or donor database.

Marketing your virtual golf tournament through social media might not be a good idea because it will expose the tournament to many people who are not supporters of your charity, and are therefore more likely to participate and not make a donation. It would be better to communicate only within your network.

Reach out personally to solicit those who normally support your live event. Be prepared to request a specific amount of donation (this number could vary from one individual to the next), as it is always better when asking for a donation to have a number attached. You do not necessarily want them to donate only to the level of your minimum suggested donation.

Ask your corporate supporters to encourage their employees to support your event at whatever level each is comfortable with. Suggest that the company sets an overall company goal for donations and perhaps even sets up their own competition for the best score within the company, with a prize i.e. gift certificate for the best score.

Encourage participants to set up their own fun little competition amongst their colleagues and/or friends. Perhaps with a 50/50 wager involved whereby half the winnings go to the person with the best score amongst the group and the other half gets donated to your charity.

Set up a grand prize draw amongst all participants so that everyone has a chance to win a great prize regardless of how they scored. You may even want the draw prize to be the most valuable prize offered in your tournament.

For a hole in one prize, solicit the car dealer that normally supports your live event for a week or weekend use of a vehicle for your hole in one winner if there is one.

Do not send out your tournament access code until you are ready for participants to view your host page. Note that they will not be able to play until the day of your scheduled start.
Consider hosting a semi-annual golf tournament. A live event during golf season and a virtual golf event during the off-season.

Golf courses – host a fun virtual tournament for your members during the winter months, either as a no-charge value-added benefit or as a fundraiser to raise money for the charity of your choice.