Regarding donations

Is it possible to host our tournament based on charging a fee rather than suggesting a donation?

For now the platform is set up based only on donations. We want to refrain from any organization being potentially subjected to the consequences of anti-gambling laws. We further feel that there are other advantages related to hosting a tournament based on donations rather than charging a fee (see the section called – Why donation based?)

How much should the suggested minimum donation be?

There is no clear answer to this question. It will vary from one tournament to the next. However it is important to keep in mind that the minimum suggested donation should reflect the complete audience that you are soliciting for participation, and not only the individuals who regularly support your live golf tournament.

How can an individual pay for their pledged donation?

It is up to each organization to decide by which methods they will accept donation payments. If paying by credit card, an individual will be directed to your payment processing page after they participate.

Why would an individual only make their donation after participating?

It is best to simplify everything for the participant so that they do not get frustrated and decide to opt out of participating. Thus the reason for this is so that they do not have to navigate back-and-forth from one website to another while participating.

What happens if a participant pledges a donation but does not pay that donation?

The system will automatically generate a reminder email that will be sent 48 hours after a person has participated. However if they fail to make their donation it will be up to the organization to follow up until the payment has been received. Additionally, if a donation is pledged and not honoured, the 7% fee will still apply. It is expected that the vast majority of (if not all) donations that are pledged will be honoured.

Regarding participants

Is there a limit to the number of participants in a tournament?

No there is no limit to the number of participants, and their creative ways two maximize this number.

Do all participants have to play at the same time?

No a participant can play anytime within the timeframe of your golf tournament which will be indicated on your private host page.

Can a participant play more than once?

Yes it is up to you as the tournament organizer to determine up to how many times an individual can play. They do not necessarily have to play the full number of times allocated.

Will an individual appear on the leaderboard more than once if they play more than one time?

No only the individual’s best score will appear on the leaderboard.

How many times is it suggested that an individual should be allowed to play?

A very good number would be three times. This will both allow them to have some additional fun, and at the same time potentially enable you to generate additional donation revenues when an individual plays a second and possibly third time. They would be highly unlikely to donate if playing fifth and sixth times for example.

Is a tournament set up only by individual play or can they be played in a foursome format?

The tournaments are set up by individual play only. However you can manually set up foursome scoring, as you will have all individual scoring information in order to do so. You could export the scores and assemble everything into an Excel spreadsheet to simplify this task.

Regarding prizing

Are we obligated to include prizes for the best scores?

No you do not have to include prizes at all however doing so would create more of an incentive for individuals to participate. Furthermore there is no rule or expectation as to the number of prizes that may be included. It is completely at your discretion.

Regarding sponsors

Is there a limit to the number of sponsors that can be featured?

No there is no limit to the number of sponsors that can be featured however there is a limit of four category levels of sponsorship. You can feature as many sponsors as you wish within each category. Additionally you are free to name these categories as you see fit.

Regarding administrative functions

Can all of the information gathered be exported to our database?

Yes it can as this will also allow you to do such things as send thank you notes etc.